8 GB SD card won't format?

My SD card was used plenty of times and worked great. I recently let my sister use the card to put pics on her windows machine via internal SD reader. When I got it back it will no longer be recognized my my computer or my camera. When I try to format with my camera, it won’t allow it to. Also the card is showing up as having a total capacity of only 30.6 mb. I just need a way to format it so that I can use recovery software to get my pics back. Please help!

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  1. DrKK says:

    It sounds like the flash memory on the card is hosed. The odds are pretty much 100% that the card is toast and cannot be saved.

    If, however, it is a good quality card from a good company (e.g., Kingston, or SanDisk), then they will be happy to replace the card.

  2. Brad says:

    Did you check if the card is lock or open (switch on the side) , if its locked then open and try.

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