ANDROID PHONE SD CARD FAILURE!! HELP!!!! (read description)?

I Have the motorola droid (1rst one)
2 weeks ago, I got/had a new kingston 32gb micro sd card in it. (i got it for a high resale value)
when i copied files, 1/2 the time the files would be too corrupt 2 read. If they where readable 25%-10% of the file would be corrupted.
i was only using about 82mb (cuz it was hard 4 me 2 get stuff on it)

Today I thought that was really annoying so i decided to backup my sd card to my computer.
I mounted it through USB, I copied everything to a separate folder on my computer.

-I made sure all apps were on my phone (NOT ON MY SD CARD,) I also made my wallpaper one on my phone

-Then I unmounted and went to settings/sd card & phone storage, unmounted the sd card. -then I hit "FORMAT SD CARD." It asked if i really wanted to do this and I said yes.

- Once it did that it acted strange and said the sd card had 0 bites of space. (remember I had only about 82 mb in my sd card.)

-I rebooted my phone

-when it turned on it said "preparing sd card," after a few seconds it wound get a black screen (but still show the status bar) and reboot. after about 5 times of this it would automatically go to recovery mode.

-My sd card was wiped clean so it could not grab a file to recover on

-If i turned it on without the sd card, it would act fine.

-I tried looking at the sd card with a usb card reader on 2 computers but but my computers would get confused, ( XP: cant recognize card, VISTA: recognized reader but crashes when trying 2 access it )

So, I think my phone is ok, but my sd card is not.
32 gb micro sd cards dont come cheap!!!!
Whats wrong with my sd card?
Is there anything I can do to fix this?
remember my card is only 2 weeks old, and I only was using about 80 mb of space.

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  1. LeviathanTM says:

    it sounds to me like you might have removed the card prematuraly. Since you reformatted your sd card there will be nothing on it…AT ALL, Reformat = erase (basically)

    If your card is unrecognized by either a computer or an android phone then im sorry theres nothing you can do but buy another. OR if you have your reciept send it back saying it was broken when you got it.

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