Bricked Dell Streak

Dell Streak that was stuck on Dell boot up Logo How to Downgrade Dell Streak from Android 2.1 to Android 1.6 Method 1 1. Download the stock recovery ROM and stock official Dell ROM. Make sure Dell PC suite has installed. 2. Rename the stock official Dell ROM to “Update.pkg” and copy it to your Dell Streak SD card. 3. Turn on your Dell Streak while holding camera button to boot Streak into fast boot mode. 4. Tap on “Fast boot Mode” button, wait 10 seconds then connect to your PC. 5. Open a command prompt, and navigate to the folder where your “fast boot-windows.exe” is stored. 6. Enter “fastboot-windows.exe -i 0×413c flash recovery c:\recovery.stock.img”. Make sure the .img file is in c:\ directory. The program will now update the recovery image to your Dell Streak. 7. Once the phone displays “Recovery Done”, remove the battery and insert it again. 8. Hold down vol up and vol down button while turning on your Streak to boot into Recovery mode, and choose option 2. 9. Wait till it installs and it’ll boot into Android. You have finished restoring Dell Streak to factory condition. Method 2 1. Put update.pkg to SD card root folder. 2. Power up Streak whilst holding both volume buttons. 3. Select option 2 – “software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD card” by pressing camera button. 4. Press camera button again Job done.

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  1. mbrad77 says:

    where did you find the recovery ROM and stock official Dell ROM files?

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