Classic Game Room HD – PS1 MEMORY CARD review

Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews the PS1 Playstation 1 Memory Card! Wow! No moving parts, drab grey finish and world of excitement! Save game files for PS1 games (PSX games if you’re gangsta) and play them again knowing you have saved game data. Final Fantasy 7 needs save game files, so if you have this card then CHECK. How about Front Mission 3? CHECK. Tekken 2? CHECK! Yes, with this original Sony PS1 memory card you’re satisfied with game saving plastic rigidity that holds up over the years. More than a decade old, this PS1 memory card still has save game data dating back to 1997 and 1998! Built in Japan with quality this PS1 memory card works with an original Playstation 1, a PS2 and Playstation 2 slim model. It even works in a Japanese model PS2. So check it out, if you want to play video games for the PS1 on the first Sony Playstation or PS2 then this memory card is where it’s at! Classic Game Room HD brings you the best in retro old school and new video game hardware reviews!

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  1. TheGamergirl22 says:

    I am so glad I found my PS1 memorey card. Now I can play Crash 2 and Tomb Raider on my PS2

  2. StephensStuff says:

    The fact you cant save psone memory to a ps2 straight away sucks big time.
    You can transfer psone saves from a psone block to a ps2 one but when you want to save psone games first hand you need an actual psone memory card.
    Its real a kick to the balls for retro gamers in my opinion.

  3. MrLeftyguitarman says:

    what’s that sing being played in the background?

  4. ZENXMETAL says:

    memory cards are so much better then hard drives i wish the replaced hard drives with the usb stick i would love that so much better.

  5. PepperSminted says:

    @craftslord Well~ I heard my friend saying i can find it in some place but i just… Yeah can’t find them. ;)

  6. craftslord says:

    @PepperSminted dude, what country do you live in?!?!? no mem card??? LoL

  7. PepperSminted says:

    I can’t find this memory card in my country. I need one!!

  8. raonipaes says:

    wow…Xenogears file there

  9. TheCheapWayGamer says:

    @Valker666 Memery cards are super ruilble!

  10. qingqingyep says:

    @Valker666 Me too

  11. unhappy4life9 says:

    @UKAMUKAble We should use SD cards now for games on home game consoles.

  12. 123stephenno says:

    i have a ps1 memory card but its not made by sony its by joytech and is AWSOME

  13. UKAMUKAble says:


  14. allthingsinexcess says:

    Memory cards = Badass!!

  15. MrPlachtacek says:

    @Valker666 yeah same thats what i call nostalgia :) but you can buyu them on ebay for pound

  16. MrABODY666 says:

    ^^i love my memory card

  17. ert637 says:

    @redbuck82 i use a usb key data storage thing as a memory card on my ps3

  18. SoApBoX says:

    I really like the stock music in this video, why not make all your music downloadable?

  19. yassway30 says:

    @Valker666 there much better cause you can actually transport saves when your ps3 dies ps3 saves suck they done allow other user saves .

  20. whaowman says:

    I have a problem with my memory card. If I save more than 4 data, my memory card corrupt and I have to format everytime! I buy a new memory card and even a new Playstation but nothing is changed!

  21. whaowman says:

    @cojocea2010 He don’t have his PS1 anymore. He uses PS2 for PS1 games.

  22. indignantatheist says:

    You sound exactly like Sam Harris. Are you?

  23. Stoatly1 says:

    I wish we still had memory cards, and other solid-state drives as the norm of the gaming industry. My old Gamecube is still running strong, but I had to buy a new 360 after just a year and 3 months, because repairs weren’t under warranty (not RROD, but though it seemed a hardware failure, like a loose cable or broken cog, I never found the source of my problems inside the case)

  24. redbuck82 says:

    I was wondering why someone would actually do a memory card review of all things, but then I thought about how a lot of these younger gamers probably have no idea what a memory card is. Man, those were great. Would it be possible to just make a BETTER memory card than the PS2 one, or was that about all that could be done with those? :s

  25. hondacrxrules says:

    @MotherPunker970 No it is not. :(

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