Convert FAT32 to NTFS no loss of data

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  1. bgtip says:


  2. haraldlangmar says:

    whats really the vollumename ?

  3. bgtip says:

    i guess it didn’t delete his files, sicne he haven’t replied for over a week.
    And it didn’t delete my files tho.

  4. oochit says:

    @92961993 did it delete your file

  5. oochit says:

    @ZoloStyle did it delete all the thing on you computer

  6. bgtip says:

    cool ^^ gl for you

  7. 92961993 says:

    if all my stuff are deleted after this i’ll kill you !!

  8. megafog says:

    you know the dude hasnt answer your question, maybe WATCH THE VIDEO

  9. bgtip says:

    FAT32 makes u not able to put in files larger than 4 gigs or something. The NTFS makes u able to put in as large files u want…

  10. herocortez says:

    what does FAT32 and NTFS??

  11. bgtip says:


    Hay. hmm well i have never encorntered this problem before. kind of strange too, i recommend u to jsut keep searching the web on how to conevert from NTFS to fat32. if i find out anything more i will try to give u a private message on ur account. gl

  12. mewanafly says:

    i was playing games when the system changed it self from fat32 to ntfs(somehow, both C nad D drive have been changed), now i have no idea how to change it back to fat32. and now everytime i click C or D drive it say AUTO instead of OPEN, everything works normally but i still want fat32. so plz help me. i heard that i must format my drive to change back, is there any way that i can change back without formating? pease help me

  13. ZoloStyle says:

    Will this delete all the data on the drive?

  14. bgtip says:

    if u do it exactely this way, ur totaly safe =) glhf !

  15. MinDV1RU5 says:

    I have a critical question.. I want to change my external to NTFS, but I already have a bunch of stuff on it that I really don’t want to lose. It is currently FAT32, if I convert it to NTFS, will it delete everything I have on my external..? :[ Please help!

  16. Metaknight0309 says:

    awsome!!! totally worked on my 30 gig ipod also!!

  17. the666dizzasmybitch says:

    i feel retarded reading so slow and having words highlighted for me to read with errors and repetition in the sentences…FUCK i hate english…

  18. bgtip says:

    I’m glad u liked it =) hope it helped u out.

  19. RLHubner says:

    Thanks for the help.

  20. bgtip says:

    heloo :D

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