Data recovery from Micro SD card?

While deleting photos in my phone, my Micro SD card hung. Each time I try accessing it on my phone it says that the "memory card is not formatted". Is there any way I can recover the contents of the card? I have not formatted it yet.

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  1. Smith P says:

    First check memory card with card reader. It can be help you to recover data. If it is not helpful, you should try a data recovery software that can recover your lost photos. You can try :

  2. nseriesfan says:

    insert ur memory card in card reader and recover ur datas if it can open in pc

  3. padge61 says:

    Try using a computer and card reader to access the information. If you can’t get it from your card then, it’s probably lost. Computers are usually a little more powerful and flexible in this respect. If you see files and you don’t know what they do, just grab them all and figure out what to do with them later. Then format your card and get on with your life.

  4. Prateek Taneja says:

    Download Recuva from <a href=""></a>
    Recover your data with the deep scan function with your memory card inserted……..Hope that works

  5. Sergey Wasilenkow says:

    You can try to recover your data with Easy File Undelete software:

    It uses unique modern algorithms to recover files that other software either recovers incorrectly or is unable to detect.

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