EASY How to Partition Your Micro SD Card using your G1!!!

CLICK MORE INFO!!! IMPORTANT INFO HERE!!!! Make your Hero run kicky fast, OKAY! Lol… I got a LOT of requests for this so by popular demand here it is… PARTITION YOUR SD CARD!!!!! Wooooo! =D I tried to make it as clear as I could and literally just walked you through the steps as I did them. Here’s the code you’re gonna need if you encounter an error when trying to make the 1st partition (or when you type in “print” and your “Partition Table” is labeled as “Loop”) This may be what the error looks like: “No Implementation: Partition 1 isn’t aligned to cylinder boundaries. This is still unsupported.” to fix, type: mklabel msdos You should then see: “Warning: The existing disk label on /dev/block/mmcblk0 will be destroyed and all data on this disk will be lost. Do you want to continue? parted: invalid token: msdos” Answer with: y Then it will say: “New disk label type?” Confirm with: msdos To partition the card go into recovery and “enter console” then type all this in: parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 print (to see what EXACT size your sd card is) rm 1 (if you had more than 1 partition already, you would want to “rm” them as well) mkpartfs primary fat32 0 xxxx mkpartfs primary ext2 xxxx yyyy mkpartfs primary linux-swap yyyy zzzz quit upgrade_fs recovery Remember, you’re counting backwards from your total “Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0:” size (what you see after you enter “print” For example 8017 total subtract 32 for swap (7985) subtract 512 for ext (7473) the rest will go to fat32

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  1. EmoGamer says:

    Sweeeeet! =D

  2. raymaster972 says:

    does this work on my touch 3g?

  3. EmoGamer says:

    Nope cuz you don’t have a keyboard. See my Amon Ra recovery video… You can use that to partition with 1 Click =)

  4. xshinnyshinx says:

    thanks man, i just needed help with the part where cylinder boundaries isnt supported lol cuz i used wiki.cyanogen site to help me :D

  5. porkipine9 says:

    is THIS rEALLY Obsolete? or is this still an option?

  6. richg8rc18 says:

    Chris! Thank you for keeping this video here! Windows 7 kept telling me to format and I did. Tried repartitioning and it said an error! I was going crazy wondering what I was doing wrong…Until I remembered you said something about it on this vid! ! and that Loop thing is now gone! THANK YOU!

  7. EmoGamer says:

    Still an option if your recovery is giving you problems and not letting you do it automatically =p

  8. momonemomone says:

    i tried to enter. parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 i get an Error: could not stat device ?dev?block?mmcblkO – no such file or directory. need help if you can thanks.

  9. WaTuPMeTuBe21 says:

    aww ur poor gf, you put her through hell!!! lol jk, but thx dude

  10. EmoGamer says:

    HAHA! I do! =p

  11. WaTuPMeTuBe21 says:

    LOL! ^-^

  12. Techy1980 says:

    good stuff thanks

  13. Techy1980 says:

    btw i almost broke my phone at the end i messed up in the prompt and it was like what do you wanannananana dooo

  14. ebanga197 says:

    Thanx so much much for such a clear explanation on how to partition the sd card, keep up the good work bro!

  15. EmoGamer says:

    Thank you, sir! =D

  16. cvggelu says:

    thnx dude………..

  17. KAZZNORE says:


  18. PLURKID25 says:

    dood should i just root my phone right out of the box or use it for awhile then root it?? :D

  19. busyguy1994 says:

    WOW we no longer have to write all these codes to partition our sdcards… thx to you for showing us how to flash Amon RA’s latest Recovery img lol You really help the android community.

  20. onlyinnChrist says:

    thanks for your help God bless you and happy New year to you and your family

  21. rudym55 says:

    great video. thank you much!

  22. joker27359 says:

    congrats on your prize your gf go and mouthfuck the shit out of her ;)

  23. UnionMan278 says:

    will this work with cyanogen 4.2.13. and what are the advantages

  24. videogamerskater91 says:

    what does this do? i have an 8 gig micro sd and it says its full but whn i plug it into anything but there is actually nothing in it. or it just wont let me use it. is this a way to fix that problem?

  25. chillback00 says:

    Thanks for your help !

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