FREE SD card recovery software download?

My SD card is blank, :/ it deleted all of my pictures, although I never pressed delete? Odd. But anyways, I need a software that I can download for free on my computer to get the pictures back. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH! I’ve been trying all day.


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  1. Alan says:

    Personally I do not believe in free software as it will end up messing my computer with virus and spywares. So I look for cheap and good software. For recovery software, I bought one before, cost me 29 bucks but working very well, and good thing is that it’s one time payment and then it allows me to use forever. Take a look if you do not mind paying 29 bucks to get back your pictures.

  2. sandy says:

    recuva is the one u want it will get your pics back its very good and free get or good luck

  3. Eoit Skg says:

    Here is an article about 6 Free Photo Recovery Software to Get Your Lost Photos Back:

    But personally I prefer the professional software, even though they may charge, but with high security and quality.
    But remember do not put more pictures or other data in the same place where your lost pictures were stored. After the photos were lost, the data itself isn’t deleted; just the area where the deleted data was stored is now marked as free space for other new files to be written. So once you put other new files in it, this free space will be overwritten by others, which makes it difficult to retrieve the previous data.

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