Help, My Micro SD card says it needs to be formated.?

My Micro SD card is from my Blackberry Pearl, and it says it needs to be formated, but I cant format it and I would really really like to not lose everything off it. I’ve downloaded a few different recovery programs, but none of them are showing up, so then I went to try and format the card and it wont let me, Any help would be a GREAT help!!!!
It still wont let me it says it cant be formated. so im not sure if its the card or the adapter I have for it..

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  1. John Tek says:

    People often feel panic when I see this. If I format the drive, will I lose all my data? If not, how could I get access to my files?

    My take is that you may have to format the card and then use recovery software to recover your files.

    Here’s some information about file recovery, think you need to take a look, very useful

  2. ......... says:

    its possible that it is locked like check the side and see if it has a lock button that would prevent it or want you to format it
    if not im sorry i have no suggestions

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