Help! my PSP can’t detect my game / ISO folder?

My current system is
3.90 m33-3
I’ve always used homebrew updates so that i can play ISO/CSO games.
I don’t know what happened.. i was playing a game on it just a while ago. i decided i wanted to put in more games on my SD but when i put the s back into my PSP it did not detect any of my games. i saved the games in its usual folder named ISO. everything else works though. pictures, music, videos, everything!!

By the way, i tried the whole:
for a couple of seconds
to go to recovery mode
*something* flash1… Nothing Happened.

I also restarted it
just turned it off and on…
I even tried removing and putting the memory card back in
a couple of times but no luck…

is there another way to restart?

will someone please help me??
Thanks in advance! =) =)

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  1. Jerry X says:

    Didnt u ask this question already?

  2. loony says:

    you may hav brcked it the classic power restarts things are designed to help people how dont fiddl;e round and meddle with your psp try deleting all you home brew then up mgrading then downgrade agin

  3. CASP3? says:

    First try copying your memory stick to the comp so you don’t lose any info.

    Then Format the memory stick Via PSP

    Then put everything back in the memory stick, don’t copy/paste the whole thing, put everything in its rightful folder one by one. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.

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