How do I recover an unmountable SD card without losing data?

I shot several hours of video onto an SD card. At the end of shooting, the camera suddenly stopped recognizing the card. I tried several different computers, operating systems, card drives and file recovery systems, but the card simply will not be recognized by anything. The only other thing I can think of is to reformat the card, but that might destroy my files. I don’t want to re-shoot—it would be very expensive—but I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me?

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  1. TerenceKK says:

    People often feel panic when I see this. If I format the drive, will I lose all my data? If not, how could I get access to my files?

    My take is that you may have to format the card and then use recovery software to recover your files.

    Here’s some information about file recovery, think you need to take a look, very useful

  2. Ricardo C says:

    First try cleaning the gold contacts on the card that you see when you turn it upside down. Use alcohol and a swab.

    Next, you can’t reformat the card if the computer fails to recognize it. Are you sure it’s not being recognized, or that it does not show any files when you browse through the card? If the card does not appear at all, your last chance is to try a camera/photo store like Dodd Camera. They may be able to perform data recovery.

  3. Colinc says:

    If it is unmountable, you have already lost all the data. It often also means the card is destroyed. They can suffer total failure fro magnetic fields (speakers etc) wireless signals(wifi, phones), dampness, impact,and static (poor handling) as well as physical damage from connecting and removing them. Very unreliable.

  4. Colanth says:

    Magnetic fields (unless they’re nearly powerful enough to damage your body) won’t harm an SD card (it’s electronic, not magnetic), but they have limited lives. Once you exceed the life of the card (too many writes) the card just stops functioning. Nothing you can do but replace it. (And ponder why anyone would use that technology as the main storage in a computer – an SSD drive.)

  5. Armstrong Collins says:

    There is only a way to recover your data by formatting the card and then with the help of a good data recovery software you can retrieve all your data from the sd card, check Kernel for memory card recovery software which efficiently and instantly recover all type of data, either corrupted or formatted or deleted from memory card. If you wanna try then check the demo version of the software from and in demo version of software you can preview the data and then recover by saving.

  6. Mint Qu says:

    Try this data recovery program called Wondershare Data Recovery. It can recover lost, deleted, formatted files from PC, external hard drive, USB flash drive etc. Moreover, this program can also recover lost files due to virus attack. So I hope it can help with your brother’s official data. You may get the program here and have a try,

    A tip: before the data are recovered, please do not store more files to the disk in case previous data are overwritten.

    Good luck and best regards

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