How do I undo a permanent delete on my laptop?

I was transferring photos, videos, sound clips, and music files from my phone to my laptop via my SD Micro card. The files showed up fine on my phone, but they were not showing up in their respective folders in my auto view application on my laptop. (The folders showed up empty, even though I completed this same file transfer process successfully with different files yesterday). I tried to delete the "empty" folders to see if reloading the application from scratch would make the files show up. Just as i agreed to a permanent delete, it proceeded to tell me that all 87 "invisible" files from my phone had been deleted, instead of just the 5 folders I was trying to delete from the laptop. I’ve tried the PC Inspector File Recovery program that I found here on Yahoo Answers, but the folders still appear empty, and there is no sign of the 87 mystery files on either my phone or computer… Help!?!

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  1. hdtv301 says:

    You could try using Recuva. You can get it at If it was permanent delete, recuva might not find it. But i would try it. Even if it when from the recycle bin, as long as it hasn’t been over written, recuva should find it.

  2. Frederic says:

    Re-read your question and ask yourself what part of "permanent delete" did you not understand?

  3. Francesco M says:

    You usualy cant undelete a permanant delete. Your phones files were made invivsible, so you cant see them unless you change a setting in your computer.They usualy run the device

  4. Jack K says:

    read your own question …. "undo a permanent delete" …. it’s permanent … they’re gone … put it down to experience and next time it asks you do do something like that … unplug your phone first

  5. konzine says:

    If they were deleted from both the folder in question and the recycling bin, then they are gone. If they are invisible, however, open your folder browser, go to tools>folder options and enable the option for make invisible files visible. Unfortunately if they are not there, they are lost.

  6. PC Freak says:

    use racuva software

  7. GloriaGore says:

    Epic Fail.

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