How do you format a memory card for your phone?

Question by Emily: How do you format a memory card for your phone?
I have the Motorola Rokr Z6m from U.S. Cellular. It came with a San Disk 512MB micro sd memory card. At first everything was fine & my music and photos uploaded. Now my computer doesn’t recognize it when I plug it into it using the usb cord. Oh & when I put the the micro one into the the memory card adapter and then put it in my laptop it says the memory card formatting is not supported.

I looked in the manual and it doesn’t read anything about formatting or anything of the matter. Ugh this is so annoying someone please help!

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Answer by 3riCa
Then that leaves you only with one reason; the memory card broke.

the chip got broken either by you accidentally cracked the insides (circuits and what-not) or it overheated and melted the insides (yet again, circuits and what-not).

Well, it’s actually a good thing for you! Cause now you can use a 2GB MicroSD… well, after you buy one :)

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