How To Recover Files After Reformat Want to learn how to recover files after reformat? Well you have come to the right place. Simply follow this website and scan your computer for free. Don’t until it’s too late! Recover your data today! http

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  1. geroge123456786543 says:

    i have reformated my pc… and i cant play games now :( i have download java and shockwave player… welll is there anything more i need?

  2. darkassassian214 says:

    if i reformat i can go to this site and get it back? how does that work?

  3. darkassassian214 says:

    PLEASE! CAN someone help me?? ok my laptop one day did startup repair and wont start windows up at all i cant go in to safe mode and look for a virus and i cant check point cause it saids i dont have any check points saved ok so everytime i’m in startup repair and everytime i scan for like problems windows maybe haves it saids it cant repair automatically everytime! and i dont really wanna reformat but i might have to. ok so i have a text document that i need… if i reformat…..

  4. sangr3azt3ca says:

    i reformated a file from my mp3 n now i can’t load music 2 it and i can’t open the file bcuz it says i need 2 re formate but i try that and it don’t work so i can open my :://H file

  5. furzana96 says:

    I shut down my computer,suddenly when I switch on,all my documents and files it work if I use this???

  6. kjgraphix says:

    thanks man this video was so helpful, you are a heaven sent

  7. kbs1138 says:

    Thank You!!!! thank you!!! this works even for Mac! I didn’t accidentally delete anything, somehow the flip disconnected suddenly when I was trying the trimming feature in the updated MacOSX software, it crashed. After, the flip showed empty & software upon rebooting/reconnecting saw no videos. Panic! mac alternatives too unix primitive with too little documentation. With WinXP on VMwareFusion this program worked great once I did a deep scan, recovered 24 videos including the 9 that I needed!

  8. UpendiFox says:


  9. amitchauhan1994 says:

    i upgraded from windows xp to windows vista and i lost all my programs that i had on xp so how can i get those programs back


    omg u are a file saver

  11. theo3335796 says:

    Is this the best software?

  12. silvana87ful says:

    Logical step, can easily restore files formatted with an easy step in understanding

  13. zappozwrp says:

    I save time and my files thanks for recommending this software. Much help! Good thing I watched it

  14. wildfirefly01 says:

    As far as i know, when a drive has been reformat, everything is lost. I didn’t know that i can recover my files even after formatting. That’s great! Thanks for sharing this video.

  15. peekaboowebcam says:

    I forgot to backup an important folder with client information before formatting. This saved my job.

  16. ulissesfaust says:

    I reformated my hard drive and forgot to save my bookmarks. using data recovery i recovered all of them.

  17. harryishs says:

    i will just try this new method of recovering files after reformat,this method is new and interesting to try

  18. wisemary888 says:

    This is a perfect video or link I have seen…I was honestly searching for an article or program on how to recover files after reformat because I lost all my files after my laptop was reformat…thank you…nice idea…

  19. suko0montada says:

    Thanks very much
    I think its the best Method for recover files
    Tanks again

  20. ckf8330 says:

    I have tested the tips given in this video clip and it do work for me!Thanks for teaching us how to recover files reformat pc.

  21. InsaneMetalSoldier says:

    I will have to test it with my dad’s computer, I deleted accidentaly some important files after formating :S

  22. matthewpirri says:

    omg dude i love you you just saved my life. i reformatted my computer before handing in my summitive project worth 60% of my mark.

  23. imthunderstruck says:

    does this work if i saved over a file?

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