How to recover lost data from SD/Memory card

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile electronic flash memory data storage device that is extensively used to store digital data. It is generally used in digital cameras, handheld computers, PDAs, mobile phones, GPS receivers, and video game consoles. Compared to other storage devices that have movable components, SD cards are safer to use. However, they too can become corrupted due to accidental deletion of files, corruption of the file system that manages the data on flash drive, and various other reasons. Corruption of SD cards requires memory card recovery to come out of such situations.

Memory card corruption can render all images, audios, videos, and other digital media files saved in the memory card inaccessible.

Common reasons for memory card corruption are:

improper handling of the digital camera

interrupted read or write operations

harmful software like viruses.

If the memory card has been formatted by mistake, an updated backup helps the user to restore all his digital files. But if there are no updated backups, then the memory card should not be used until digital files can be recovered using effective third-party digital memory card recovery software.

Good memory card recovery software has the following features.

It should recover all lost and deleted pictures, audios, and videos.

It should support multiple photo, audio and video file formats.

It should recover data from almost all memory cards.

It should recover data from all popular camera makes.

A thumbnail preview of recoverable files should be provided.

It should recover photos from damaged or corrupted media.

It should support recovery from physical disk and logical volume

Good third party digital media data recovery tools help in getting back the data without worrying about corruption or loss of data. These tools are designed specially to deal with card corruption and various other multimedia data loss issues. One such memory card recovery tool is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a read only memory card recovery software that saves recovered data at a new user-specified location, and prevents the original data from being overwritten or modified. This tool can recover photos from digital cameras, memory cards, hard drives, USBs, etc, and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2003 and 2000.

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