How to recover photos from damaged memory card and USB flash drive?

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question from Alex : How to recover photos from damaged memory card and USB key
Relax Does anyone know of a program that uses files from a corrupted xD memory card for a camera and a USB flash drive? I have a lot of demos that displayed do, but they cost much money to get full use, and Thanks to you to erholen.Vielen Best Answer:

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Try Recuva. It’s free and can be run from any media, since it does not use the registry.

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  1. triggs04 says:

    you can try advanced photo recovery available for free download below

  2. Jeff_OfficeLiveCares says:

    For future purposes, you may want to consider saving your files online rather than on memory/USB sticks for the very reason that they can become corrupt, leaving you without your important files. Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace will let you save up to 5GB of files online. Files can be jpegs, spreadsheets, music files etc. I know this won’t quite help for the files on your corrupt stick, but just trying to help you out.

    Good luck recovering your files.

    MSFT Office Live Outreach

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