I need a few basic DOS/CMD commands?

To make a long story short- my operating system is shot and I gotta reinstall. I can still (attempt to) use system recovery tools and the F12 menu and that kind of stuff, but I wanna use CMD to transfer just about 3GB of files to an SD card. I know this is possible because I had to reinstall once in the past and did the same thing with an external drive. The only problem is, I forget the commands to navigate and copy files. These are the most important things I need to know how to copy files to a drive, assuming I know the name of it, and how to go back in the directory or to go up a folder.
And I just discovered that I don’t remember how to go into a folder that appears in the directory…

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  1. Ace says:

    Basic DOS commands:

    cd <dirname> – Goes into that directory
    cd .. – Goes up a directory
    To change drive letter just type the drive letter and a colon (i.e: D:)
    copy <source> <destination> – Basic file copy
    copy *.* <destination> – Copies all the files in this directory to the destination (this is not recursive)

    If the environment you’re using has XCOPY then you might be able to do more fancy copy. Type XCOPY /? to see if the command is available and a list of its parameters.

    Good luck

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