Is it possible to recovery files from an SD memory card that was previously inserted into a computer?

A few days ago, I was viewing some photos on my computer from my SD memory card which was inserted into the SD memory card slot in my computer. I seem to have lost the memory card now, and I was wondering if there is a sort of temporary file storage on my computer for previously viewed files on removable drives (in this case, my SD memory card, also called Drive F: on my computer).
Thanks so much for any help! The photos were extremely important to me.

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  1. Boris 22 says:

    I f you just watched photos, they were not stored anywhere on the hard drive.If you saved photos they could be on the disc.
    When you watch photo image from flash drive or DVD disc,etc – you just open the file.(view files)

  2. Top Chap says:

    If you’re lucky some of them might be in a cache on the PC.

    You have to stop using the PC though otherwise new files will overwrite those in the cache – dont switch it off if possible though but using another computer download some photo recovery software to a memory stick. Plug that into the PC concerned and run the program from the memory stick (dont copy it to the PC).

    More info and product downloads at

    Worth a try. you never know

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