my MIL's sd card stopped working after she dropped her camera.?

she purchased a new one and it worked fine. we have tried everything to retrieve the pricesless paris photos on the card. i downloaded a recovery program and it didnt work. i took it to the local photo shop and they couldnt get anything either. ive tried just about everything. it wont read in the camera, on the pc, in a card reader, nothing. i noticed that just above the little metal pieces on the back, its green. on my other sd cards, its not. could this be a damage indicator? is there anything or anywhere that i can do or send the sd card to have the photos retreived. they are here in germany visiting us (we are military) and we sent them to paris for thier 37th anniversary and now half a days worth of pics are gone. they are devasted. help!!!

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  1. Rob Nock says:

    Hi Tabby,

    Do not give up hope. In this case you really need to go to a computer specialist rather than a photographic specialist but before you do that there are one or two things you may be able to do yourself but you need to decide whether to take the "Do It Yourself" risk or spend $$$ getting a professional to recover the data. Many recovery services are expensive but offer a guarantee that they will not charge anything unless they are actually able to recover data.

    You need to be aware that the card may have sustained physical damage the makes it unreadable because it is no longer possible for the card to make the correct electronic connection. However, there are forensic specialty services that can usually recover data even from damaged media (disk drives, thumb drives, CD’s, media cards, etc.) If you can see a green area on the card it may mean that part of the plastic cover has broken off and exposed the inner circuit board and disrupted the electronic connections. In that case it MAY be possible to cover the green area with a bit of electrical tape to make the card readable again. The risk with doing that is that, if it does not work, it may make it more difficult for a recovery specialist to try other methods. Another concern at this point is that if the circuits are exposed anything you do with a card reader may cause additional damage that may make the situation worse.

    I have not had any recent contacts with particular services but here is a link to a genuine forensic specialty service that appears to have a good facility and wide range of capabilities.

    You can also search the web for "Data Recovery Service" but be cautious in using "local" specialists who are often general computer suppliers and sales organizations that buy software similar to what you have already tried and have little specialized experience doing true forensic analysis.

    Hope that helps. Email me if you need additional help.

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