My pictures got deleted (camera) how can i get them back?

I have an Aiptek digital camera/camcorder. I was going through tryign to change my settings and I clicked on format and it erased all my pictures. I didn’t know that meant reboot. I had 116 pictures on there from over the weekend and I wanted to know if I could get them back. They were on a 256 MB memory card. (dane-elec SD) name brand. is there any recovery or anything like restoring them or… anyway I can get the back!?!?!?

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  1. elentophanes says:

    mostly when you format or delete a file, all that actually is removed are the pointers that locate files, not the data its self so there is hope. do not use the camera as a new photo may overwrite the old ones you want to recover

    there is a free tool that is designed for this task that i have used for file recovery its called zero assumption recovery
    they have both a disc recovery and a special photo recovery tool option
    the SW works with the card in the camera for some models (just plug the camera into your pc and run the SW) or with the card in a card reader. mostly it has been tried on name brand cameras.

    **just tested zar on my pentax camera on deleted images – it works to recover images – just be patient while it deep scans for the images – it then provides a list that you can save to your hard drive**

    i also located another free tool called artplus – i have not used this one

    there are also a few tools that you can buy. see below

  2. servinbeats says:

    I think there gone….sucks

  3. da_hammerhead says:


  4. cinnamoroll says:

    duuudeee they got DELETED…….

  5. gkk_72 says:

    It is possible, you need to have an SD card reader for your computer for this to work. Also, I hope you have done nothing else to that SD card.

  6. TomTom says:

    go to google and type in photo rescue
    problem solved

  7. Koko says:

    They are lost if you did not back them up. Pictures are one of the hardest to recover even if you have software to recover because the data is always random. If the camera is empty, its empty. Try hooking it up to the computer and see if the computer idetifies anything. If it doesnt your out of luck.

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