My SD card has been declared "electronically dead". My CPU won't recognize the card. Can I get data off?Thanks

While on vacation, my camera’s battery died while taking a picture. When I charged the battery and turned the camera back on, the SD card (4G, not SDHC) would not work ("Card Error" message appeared in the camera). My computer (along with several others) will not recognize the card either through USB card readers or through built-in up-to-date card readers. I took the card to a professional data recovery service, and when they could not get any of their readers to recognize the card, they declared it "electronically dead". I would really love to get my vacation pics off of this card (Amsterdam and Germany)… Does anyone know of any way I can get my data off of a card not recognized by any computer, camera, or card reader? My computer makes the "new device" noise when I insert the card, but I get constant errors when trying to access the device through My Computer or hardware managers. Data recovery programs seem to be out since I can’t access the drive.

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  1. omigodgem says:

    your stop to the recovery service was the last option for these kind of problems.. if they couldnt recover it, none of the people here can. sorry.

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