My SD card won't open on any computer, but it always shows that it's there?

My boyfriend sent me a SD card from his camera in the mail, because he’s in Canada right now. it has all of his pictures on it that he wants me to load onto his computer, but everytime i try to open the drive it tells me to please insert a disk into drive F. i don’t want to have to reformat it because i don’t want to lose his pictures, but i don’t know any other way. i’ve tried several recovery programs and none of the worked. i’ve also tried it on several different computers and used several different card readers, so i know there’s actually something wrong with the card. i don’t know if sending it through the mail might have done something to it or what?

any advice would be great!!

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  1. dbeato says:

    To better check your SD card is to insert it in another digital camera and view the images from there. If no images appear then the SD card have been erase or defective.

  2. Pyria says:

    it might be that the card is bad, or corrupted. Contact your BF and let him know that you can’t open the card on anyone’s computer

  3. Lonetree says:

    I am sorry to inform you that all pictures stored in that SD card are irrevocably lost. I don’t think it was due to them being sent via mail though. SD cards don;t use magnetic means of data storage, but rely on flash memory. You can actually leave an SD card over a magnet and no serious damage will come to it. My guess would be static from friction with the package wrapping – and yes, electronic circuits are ruined by that.

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