ok well my computer wont read my sd card nor anything I connect to my usb ports. HELP!!!!!!!?

The light that usually lights on when I insert my sd card does not flash. When I connect my ipod it charges but it wont show up on itunes, if I try to connect my flash drive, it does not open.
Can some one help me?
I even used the PC Recovery of my computer in the hopes it would fix the problem, but it did not…
I have no idea what to do!

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  1. Silver Xhyn says:

    Try to:
    Control panel> add hardware> [wait for the wixard until it has finished searching]>click your usb [name]>select>next.

    Your usb must be installed on the computer, before you using it.


  2. Steph says:

    bad connection to the motherboard maybe, that’s what happened to me, just check the wires inside your computer

  3. Dolby Digital says:

    go to your bios and make sure that all usb ports are enabled. if ur front usb port doesnt work, try the back ports. r u using windows xp?

  4. Atif H says:

    The wiring inside the usp port might not be working. maybe the ipod still gets charged because it is still getting power, but doesnt read anything because the wiring is maybe messed up. also, you might have to reinstall the usb drives if this isnt the case.

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