Please help recover lost/accidentally formatted pictures on cell phone SD mem card!! Please!!?

Hit format on Verizon cell under memory card – it erased 900+ pics/videos. PLEASE HELP RECOVER!!?
Ok – I am now officially having a bad day :o (

I was in the process of moving pics from Verizon Env Touch
512 San Disk memory card –> phone memory so I could install a larger memory card. I wasn’t thinking & touched the format button thinking I could move pics into a different order. I should have realized what it meant – I wasn’t thinking. I really thought there would be a warning if it was going to delete everything — like, move pics to phone memory first or proceeding will erase all memory card content — but no such warning. Instead, a garbage can, the worst thing to ever see start dancing around on your cell or camera, came up –

I immediately tried to cancel it, but it didn’t – it erased all 900+ pictures on my memory card, along with some videos. So of course, I am pretty devastated – baby puppy pictures & family photos that meant a lot to me. Before I recently got this new phone, I had to go into Verizon to get a software update on my old Env – after it stopped texting because of old software…Verizon’s "update" resulted in a non functioning phone, erased contacts, and all 400+ of my phone memory pictures erased — Of course no one there checked to see if my pics were all under memory card memory or even warned me a software update could do the damage they did and erase everything – nice. The 900+ pics I just erased were on the memory card at the time they erased all of the ones that were in phone memory. So, now everything is gone & I’m really upset and hoping you can help me get these pictures back!!

After my Canon camera once trashed every picture on the memory card, I started using cell phone cameras because I figured there was less risk of losing everything again. I purchased a program once online to try to recover lost PC files and it did not work – at all so obviously just because one is not free, does not mean it works.

So, PLEASE HELP me find a program or tell me about one you have used that worked for this situation!! Some programs I have read about are free, some are not. I do not know if one works – for sure, and would like to know if you know of one that does work for SD phone memory card 100%. I found some, that I listed below and a list of recovery utilities from PC World – maybe someone knows of ones that are not good and ones that are. I looked online too but am really hoping someone can find excellent user reviews for a recovery SD phone memory card or has used one that works. I don’t want to download one to use, get a virus or download one and try to use it and end up with it totally ruining the chances of me having another program recover the pictures. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank you!!!! :o )

At this moment I don’t have the hookup or device to get the SD card into my PC USB port. When I got the card, I don’t think there was a compatible one so I never knew what to buy but need to get one. The card came with 2 adapters — Micro Adapter and Micro to SD Adapter– that it looks like the card would go into – then the adapter into something else that goes into the USB port but I don’t know what to buy or where to buy it. It’s a 512 MB memory card – now I will be using the 8 MB so hopefully I can get one device for both cards to go into the PC USB.

So, please help me find a program to get back accidentally formatted and erased Verizon San Disk memory cards for cell phones – maybe you have done this and used one that works – or can find good reviews I cannot. Please help!! Thank YOU!!

Here are 2 programs I found, along with a list of recovery utilities from PC World – maybe someone knows if any of these work or know some do NOT work. Any help is GREATLY appreciated – you have no idea how much!!

1)Advanced Photo recovery…

2)PC World there was Restoration program :…

3) a whole list of recovery programs listed on PC World – some for memory cards, some for other situations…

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  1. James says:

    You may try asoftech photo recovery, which helped me to recover my files before.

  2. Slngsht says:

    If you have an adapter, plug it right into your computer, not going through your cell phone.

    Run Recuva on it. It’s freeware. It will scan the card for raw data files and will give you an option to recover those files to your computer.

  3. Sergey Vasilenkov says:

    You can try to recover your files with Easy Drive Data Recovery software:

    It uses unique modern algorithms to recover files that other software either recovers incorrectly or is unable to detect.

  4. Top Chap says:

    You can often recover deleted pictures successfully from a PC, camera memory card or USB Memory stick. It all depends on what has happened since you deleted the pictures.

    When you delete pictures (or any files) the data itself isn’t deleted, just the index entry that tells the system where the data for those files is located. The area containing the deleted data is also now marked as free space so it is available for any new files to be written there instead.

    If and when that happens, then it is too late to recover your deleted pictures so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned.

    If the deleted pictures are on your PC, use another PC to browse the internet for a solution as internet browsing causes lots of temporary files to get written to the disk. Download any photo recovery software, for example, to a memory stick, plug that in the computer with the deleted pictures and run it from there.

    If the deleted pictures are on a camera memory card or USB memory stick, just don’t save any new files to it.

    One of the easiest ways to see if you can recover deleted pictures is to try some photo recovery software.

    A good tip is to try the free demo version of a commercial product that will scan the device for deleted pictures and show you exactly what pictures can be recovered. At least that will show you if you can recover the deleted pictures or if it’s too late already. You can find more useful information on how to recover deleted pictures at

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