Retrieving deleted images off a SIM Card?

Question by bretthilton: Retrieving deleted images off a SIM Card?
My friend deleted a picture off her phone from the SIM card by mistake. Tmobile said they do not have the tools to retieve the image, and I have allready tried a program called Data doctore recovery, it will only grab data such as phone #s and sms messages from the card. What program do you guys suggest to download or purchase for them to retrieve the image from the SIM Card. I have a MediaGEAR Allcards II reader via USB, but it does not show up in My Computer, only in the application. (Very Annoying)

Guys this is not the flash/memory card, this is the SIM Card.

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Answer by Peter
Chances are that if you dont save anything new to the phone in the meantime that you can recover your deleted pictures.

You’ll need to connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable (or take the memory card out and plug it into a card reader on the PC). You should see memory card shown as a drive letter (like H:) in Windows Explorer.

Then download asoftech photo recovery. Install and open asoftech photo recovery, select your memory drive, and click recover button.

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