SD card error on Nikon d5000 while taking pictures?

I need to recover pictures from my PNY 4 gig HC card.

These pictures are from my sister HS graduation; these pictures are irreplaceable, so recovery is a must.

I was in the middle of taking picture and all of the sudden I get an error stating unable to read or format, card may be corrupt, insert another card. So I freaked out but I setter another card (which worked fine) to continue with pictures and deal with that later.

I have read of several recovery programs, but when I insert it into my computer, it doesn’t recognize the card, so I’m not sure that any of those programs would be useful if it’s not detected.

Please help, these memories cannot be replaced……

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  1. fhotoace says:

    I have used the recovery program made by Lexar, called Rescue (about $35). The newest version is Rescue4. Ihave tested the program on cards what have deleted image files, formatted cards and most corrupted files.

    You will want to use a card reader while using the recovery program.

    After you have recovered your images and copied them to your computer, format your memory card.

    Here is the workflow used by the pros and they rarely have card problems.

    At the end of the day, copy all the image files from the memory card using a card reader.
    Once they are safely on the computer, format the card.

    Regularly formatting the card keeps it from having read/write errors.

    Avoid touching the gold contacts. Since these are exposed to the environment, they are susceptible to damage, so it is important to keep them clean (when not in the camera, keep them in their cases)

    The chief cause of card corruption is this: If you are in the habit of filling your card and then deleting unwanted image files to make room for more, don’t do that any more.

  2. Jim A says:

    Recovery only works if the photos were deleted, not if the card is corrupt. If the camera won’t read it your computer probably won’t either which means, sorry, all is lost.

  3. bert_beer says:

    first run on the memory card and see if this clears up your problem. If not then use a photo recovery program. Malware from your computer can infect your memory card. So run the scan on memory card also.

  4. Kate says:

    if your computer do not recognise the card, then you are not able to recover the data.

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