SD card needs formatting, but i don't want to lose my images?

Im at university and spent the whole day yesterday doing a photoshoot.. while i was browsing throught images on my mac the SD (which was in a card reader) ejected itself, and now wont read at all on my mac! When i put it back in the camera it says that it needs formatting, but i really don’t want to lose a whole days work off of it :S

I was told to download a data recovery program, which i did, but as the card needs formatting it isnt coming up on my mac to recover anything.. Please help.. ?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Rosie N says:

    Its sounds like your SD card maybe corrupted and so you’ve lost your photos. Occasionally it may work on a different computer.

  2. a says:

    Try reading the memory card on a USB 2.0 card reader on a WindowsXP SP2 PC.

  3. fhotoace says:

    Why on earth didn’t you first copy all the images to your computer?

    If you are using a "free" recovery program, you may not be able to recover your images. You may have to spend $35 or so and buy one of the image recovery programs from Lexar or San Disk to successfully recover your images.

    What you described is an unusual occurrence, but in the future before you do any thing with your images, copy them ALL to your computer before you do anything else.

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