This is a simple pattern patitioning the sdcard in 3 parts (fat32, ext2 & linux-swap)..Im using cyanogen recovery by the instructions of jachero that can found here:….sorry guys no voice tutorial., but i know you guys can out. more video

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  1. accord93rg says:

    Just make it into a tutorial video please!!!

  2. antwanp says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to format the second partition as EXT3 now, instead of EXT2?

  3. gameofwar77 says:

    cyanogen recovery cannot create ext3 unless if you upgrade the ext 2 to ext3…the command in the recovery (altx)is “upgrade_fs”

  4. richberr says:

    hi can you do a vid on everything i need to do on my sd card from start to finish to do the partition, upgrade and everything? theres a lot of dummys like me who want to get hero but dont know linux from a hole in the ground :) thanks

  5. gameofwar77 says:

    not now buddy but you can add me to gtalk if you
    need some help regarding your g1 and sdcard..

  6. ricanstylez4uma says:

    lmao more than 32mb of swap ? your asking for trouble lol..

  7. beatpoets323 says:

    Hey gameofwar7,
    Thanks for the help. I have followed everything to the dot. I have a 8G 6 class and it all works good. Question is that since we partitioned the ext2 to like 500MB & then have did the upgrade_fs when loading my Hero 2.63 Rom & going into my sd & memory its only showing that theres 84MB of internal memory Shouldn’t this be like 500MB or something? I’ve read up & understand that the app2sd app doesn’t work but how to increase the internal memory for this rom another way?

  8. EmoGamer says:

    What ROM are you using??? For some reason when I use any of the newer Hero builds (Drizzy’s, JacxHero) the automatic apps2sd never works. Can’t figure out why (I have everything partitioned correctly). If you find an answer to this, let me know! =p

  9. curiousjane2007 says:

    hey can u please help me i tried to partition my sd card wich is 3964mb and i cant seem to get the calculations right for it, Please help…

  10. gameofwar77 says:

    ok you ha ve total 3964 mb, so if you need a ext3 500mb and linux -swap for 32mb and the rest is the fat32 3432mb, here is the step by the console (altx)type this..backup everything coz it will reformat your sd
    parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
    rm 1
    rm 2
    rm 3
    mkpartfs primary fat32 0 3432
    mkpartfs primary ext2 3432 3932
    mkpartfs primary linux-swap 3932 3964
    reboot to recovery


  11. alphakennyway says:

    i need help with my partition, i have 2041mb any ideas???

  12. cubetubeme says:

    Your instructions will be:

    mkpartfs primary fat32 0 1509
    mkpartfs primary ext2 1509 2009
    mkpartfs primary linux-swap 2009 2041

    Hope that helps, if not then hit me back!

  13. paulogorman87 says:

    once i’ve done the partition, which I have, will the ’swapper app’ (which wasn’t previously working) work now? – or isn’t it needed now the partitions have been made?? I noticed some good improvement, but can the two work in conjunction?

  14. suenos100 says:

    hey man nice video just one cuestion do i have to do the partition before i install the rom cus i cant erase rm1 hope you can answer my cuestion thanks in advans

  15. alphakennyway says:

    sorry for the late reply, i did use your calculations and IT worked!!! thanks

  16. JsBlazIN says:

    “no implementation: partition 1 isnt aligned to cylinder boundaries. this is still unsupported” i really need help if you dont know can you please tell me someone who you think could help me thanks

  17. EmoGamer says:

    See my video! I show you what to do when you encounter just such a problem.. =)

  18. EmoGamer says:

    Most of the new Hero ROM’s do swapper on their own so they recommend you not using it…

    And by recommend I mean bricking your phone. =p

  19. EmoGamer says:

    Well, I hope you’re not typing that “rm1″

    There’s a space “rm 1″

    See my video. I have voice dialog. Lol…

    Hope that helps.

  20. EmoGamer says:

    I have a video I just uploaded showing you this… Hope it helps. =)

  21. tezcatlipoca31 says:

    The link doesn’t work

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