What is Photo Recovery Software?

Digital storage media are quite prone to lose stored data as compared to photographic prints. Deleting the original copy of your valuable pictures while you don’t have any backup might result into a awful situation for the user. Also, the events like file system corruption are the top reasons that could make all the data stored on digital storage media inaccessible. However, to recover from such situations, Photo Recovery Software are available that allow recovering all lost photos and other digital files from all types of digital storage media.

You can get back all digital photos lost from digital cameras, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, hard drives and Apple iPods unless the medium is physically crashed. However, if you are using the media even after the crash, some or all of the digital files might get overwritten and consequently, your data might get lost forever.

Different Digital Photo Recovery products use dissimilar techniques to recover the lost pictures but the basic principle remains the same. While the file deletion, no operating system removes the contents of digital file immediately but instead marks the space available for a new file. A digital file is stored at some location on the media, whose information is stored in the file system. So, when the file is deleted, this location information is removed, which thus makes the system incapable to access it.

The basic principle of recovering such photos is to scan the media for space that is currently unoccupied and to enlist the included files in a format that is easily comprehendible. Photo Recovery Software empower you with graphically rich interface that can be easily implemented to restore lost photographs.

These recovery products are bounded by a limitation to recover overwritten files. Thus, it is significant to consider some data safety tips:

Stop using the media immediately after it crashes Do not use any defragmentation or disk check utility Do not store any new digital file on the media Do not install the recovery application on the affected media itself Use the best and safe Digital Photo Recovery application

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a non-destructive and comprehensive recovery products for recovering lost photos from all digital cameras, memory cards, hard drives, flash cards and other storage media. Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, this recovery tool is compatible with most of the digital file formats.

Andrew Watson has 6 Years of Experience in the Software Technology researching with Stellar Info. System Ltd which offers image recovery software and data recovery NJ.

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